Sprucing Up The Place

After a while, we’re finally getting to some of the updates and changes we’ve been wanting to get to. First up is some of the menus.

We started with changing the look of the Main Menu. We fired up TheDraw and made some of the menu pop out. We also grouped some of the commands together to make it more organized.

We also started working on a new menu called the GO menu. It’s for letting users get to the a specific area of the board with one command. Only 6 areas are setup as of right now, but more will get added as time goes on.

We’ll be adding some more text files as well, as we source them. Plus we’ve added some more podcasts to the files area. More episodes of Geek Show Radio are now up, and we’ll be adding the entire run of The Carrier Whistle soon.

3 thoughts on “Sprucing Up The Place”

    1. I wish I could do it more. But real life in meat space takes up a lot of time. Family and what not come first, and then when there is a little down time, I’m too tired to think and just want something mind numbing on Youtube to watch. Or watch one of the shows I enjoy.

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