Colorado Storm Reminds Me of The Birth of The BBS

So My family and I were spending the Christmas and New Years Holiday in Denver with family when the first real snowfall of the season decided to hit the state. And because of that, part of our flight home got cancelled so we’re staying an extra day in Denver.

When the snow started Dec 31st.

While heading back over the wife’s Aunt and Uncle, who have been hosting this family Christmas, I got to thinking about things I need to take care of remotely for an extra day, and the BBS being one, it also reminded me of the story of how the first BBS was created by Randy Seuss (RIP) and Ward Christensen.

Snow on New Years Day

The story goes that a big snow storm kept people home in the Chicago area and Ward and Randy decided to do something with the phone line that the local club uses for news updates, and do something with it for people to grab newsletters and such. If you’ve seen the BBS Documentary by Jason Scott, you know the whole story.

While we didn’t get as much snow as Ward and Randy got back then, it did remind me of that situation and how cool things, are a lot of the time, not planned but just happen. The idea of a BBS and information exchange had been around for a while, but this is what sparked the acceptance of it in the everyday user’s life. And here we are.

I know this post doesn’t really do anything but wax nostalgic, I did want to share something on this snowy New Years here in Colorado while waiting to get back home to New York. So while I read some posts in fsxNet and just spend an extra day with the family, listen to the local Fusion repeater connected to SkyHub, I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year and a belated Merry Christmas. And let’s all do what we can to make 2022 better than the last few years.


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