Minecraft Server


Users of the BBS that are verified, will also have access to our private Minecraft server, MCBreakroom. The server runs the Craftbukkit server software and we offer 3 different worlds for you to play on. Amiga City is the main world where everyone starts from. Our creative world is called MEGA CITY, using a superflat map. Jump in here to build whatever you can imagine. While in MEGA CITY, all users have access to some WorldEdit commands and tools. We also have our vanilla world called Survive! It’s straight up Minecraft here, where your wits and some scavenging skills can keep you alive!

Getting access is easy if you’re a verified user of the BBS. Simply logon to the BBS and send a message to the Sysop with your Minecraft account name, and we’ll whitelist you and give you the address of the server. Along with verification on the BBS, a paid Mojang account is also required.

MCBreakroom Screenshot

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