Advertise on Craig’s List

What good is a BBS if no one knows it’s around. So I figured it was time to start spreading the word. Aside from using social media, I figured I would use something as popular as Twitter or Facebook, but also has a local appeal. Continue reading Advertise on Craig’s List

Sound of Dialup Modem Connection

Someone posted this on one of the countless retro groups I hop to and from, and I thought this was amazing! Kids today, including my own, have no clue about this stuff. Yet, in my prime, I knew every AT Command for modems and could get just about any modem to connect no matter the problem. I was a “BPS GOD!”

I digress though, and hope you get some major feels from this like I did. If you have no clue what this all is, well then, take a look at the info for the video. You can also find a high res picture here: 5dq6k2u