The Pi Has Arrived!

So after my last experience getting a Raspberry Pi 400 for the BBS, I felt kind put off, and expected to not get one for a couple years till the secondary market was more flush with them, which would have meant a newer version was out. Oh well, I was cool with that. But then while I was looking for a POST code analyzer card like the one Adrian Black uses on his Digital Basement videos on YouTube, I saw my old search on eBay in the recent and I figured I would check it out. And much to my surprise, I saw one that was in the wheel house and checked it out.

It was a complete kit, the book, SD card, the works! And not only that, it was local! Yeah, like a 20 min drive from my home! So I took it as a sign and grabbed it. 2 days later, thanks to USPS and their “speedy delivery”, it has arrived and I am a very happy camper!

I will have some free time coming up next week, so I will be able to put some more work into the BBS and put some finishing details on some stuff and fix some issues with others, like getting SSH working again after having an issue with a kernel panic on the Pi 3 I currently use. I’ll post more as I go and I may include a few video to boot. It seems the one I did a while back of a tour of the BBS was well received. And BBSing is making a comeback because of the current climate on social media.

Back to The BBS Documentary

The last time we got to see the BBS community as a whole, in all it’s curiosity and diversity of things, was the 2005 BBS: The Documentary, created by Jason Scott, who is one of the chief archivists at the Internet Archive. It covered many aspects and scenes of the community and I have no doubt, that many of use learned something new, that we didn’t know before. Continue reading Back to The BBS Documentary

Shhhh… SSH is Active

Cryptlib is installed and now SSH is available to connect to the BBS. This is something that I have wanted to offer on my BBSes ever since I got back into it and revived Amiga-Z back in the early 2000s. But CNet didn’t have a library capable of doing it effectively. But I Should I put up another Amiga based BBS, you bet I will figure out a way. But hey, don’t just rely on SSH for protecting your privacy. Why not use a VPN too?

In the last couple years, VPNs have gotten very popular and I use one myself. I tried the free ones, but honestly, the paid ones are much better and there is no throttling like many of the free ones do. Also from a security standpoint it can only add to your privacy. Plus, a lot of the VPNs like CyberGhost, who I use, offer a great starting price. I paid $99 for 3 years. $33 a year is NOT bad at all. And I gotta say I have been pretty pleased.

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