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HAM SEARCH for Mystic v.1 ALPHA

A screenshot of HAM SEARCH v.1 ALPHA for Mystic BBS.

The first alpha version of HAM SERACH, a Python based script for Bulletin Board Systems using the Mystic BBS is now being tested on Radio Freqs & Geeks BBS. 

It searches the publicly available FCC database for Amateur Radio licenses, to retrieve info for Amateur Radio stations, to send QSL cards. It currently only supports U.S. based callsigns.

To access it, you must be a user of the BBS and validated (Security lvl 20 or higher.), and can access it with the command HAMSEARCH from the GO menu.

Something To Look Forward To… Ham Radio Callsign Search

So recently, I wanted to start making some changes to the BBS and one of those was, I wanted to be able to do an FCC callsign lookup. I didn’t see any doors I could use, but then again, I wasn’t looking too hard. But I decided to do some research and here’s some info I discovered. Continue reading Something To Look Forward To… Ham Radio Callsign Search

Getting Kids in Ham Radio

So while the wife and I were out shopping with the kids, we came across something pretty cool! A kid’s walkie talkie and base station radio play set that really works! The wife said that it could be a cool way to get our youngest, Katherine, interested in Ham Radio like her awesome Dad! So I started looking into this little kit. Continue reading Getting Kids in Ham Radio