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Paging The SysOp

Updated with a Windows option! See end of article! 

Now, running a BBS is old fashioned in and of itself, but calling the SysOp for chat if he’s around is something else. Just a simple keyboard to keyboard chat on the BBS is still cool in my opinion and if I’m around and the user has a question and wants to chat, well then, if I can accomodate it, I will! But there is one issue with Mystic BBS on Linux. The Page SysOp menu item doesn’t work. At all. So I did a little work around…  Continue reading Paging The SysOp

Advertise on Craig’s List

What good is a BBS if no one knows it’s around. So I figured it was time to start spreading the word. Aside from using social media, I figured I would use something as popular as Twitter or Facebook, but also has a local appeal. Continue reading Advertise on Craig’s List