There’s A Upgrade A Comin’! (UPDATE)

I don’t know why, but I get fussy about what I run my BBSes on. I mean I know it’s stupid, but hey, it’s me and it drives me nuts if I don’t have the setup I want. So, I went and got a new upgrade for the BBS.

By Abdulla Al Muhairi from Abu Dhabi, UAE – Raspberry Pi 400, CC0,

The current BBS runs on a stock Raspberry Pi3. And it runs pretty decently. I bought a proper power supply for it and the glitches I was seeing before, are pretty much gone. Extra volts and amps go a long way. I would have preferred to actually have it run on a full desktop box, but I didn’t have a spare sitting around and honestly, I didn’t want to spend the extra to buy or build a new one. So I am doing the next best thing and it’s something I have wanted to get my hands on for months, since it came out.

Radio Freqs & Geeks will be updated to a Raspberry Pi 400! I haven’t gotten one yet simply because the kit is $100 but everyone wants $20 to ship it. Some even more! And from what I can tell, you could ship it USPS for less than $10. But hey, demand is high, so you’re gonna pay. But I have also been scouting eBay for some Amiga and Commodore stuff too, and every now and again Raspberry Pi. Up till now it’s been brand new 400s and $20 for shipping, but I started to see some used ones popping up for around $70 or so. And shipping ranging from $8-$10. Not bad! So I says to myself, “Self! Used is perfectly fine! And if the price is right, why not?” So I found one and dropped an offer on the seller and they took it. I didn’t low ball them or anything. I simply offered $15 less than asking to kind of bring that shipping down form the $8 they were asking, and I had a $10 credit on my PayPal. So I basically paid $60 for a used Raspberry Pi 400 kit. Total savings, about $65 compared to new with shipping.

The switch should be seamless. I just swap the SD card, and plug in the display, boot up, and whamo! Back up and running. Till then…

UPDATE: Looks like the person selling the Pi 400 ghosted me. Never accepted the payment I made, and never answered my emails or messages on eBay. So no Pi 400 upgrade. Working on a new plan.. so stay tuned..

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