W I D E S C R E E N B B S = 137 x 32 … It’s Coming

While perusing some groups I discovered that SyncTerm supports 132×37 screens and that Mystic has the capability to utilize that scren size in it’s editor. So basically..  W I D E S C R E E N  B B S!So I hopped on the Mysitc SysOp BBS Facebook group and asked what people are using for doing the 132×37 screens, as The Draw doesn’t support that. And the first 4 replies was Moebius. So I looked and wouldn’t ya know, it’s open source and there is a compiled Mac app. That saved me some time. There is alos a Linuc and that other little known OS.. um.. **checks notes** OH! Windows?! Huh, never heard of it.

Anyways, I started playing around with it and then discovered it was a lot like may others I played with with some extra features are nice, but with a mouse, it’s kind of hard to do anything for me. So I got the idea to try it on my Huion Kamvas GT-191 that I use for drawing my comics and illustrations. Guess what… It works like a charm! And here is the first images I squeaked out just by playing with it. My OC AJ Gamble aka Photon. Not bad for a first go at it.. Once I play around and get some more experience, I hope to bang out some good stuff for RFGeeks. Can’t wait!

Finished Screen:

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