From The Lodge..

This has kind of been kind of living rent free in my head for a while, but I wanted to create a section on my BBS for fellow Freemasons. I don’t know if there are a lot of them out there on Bulletin Boards, but if they’re are any, they’re welcome here. But then again, everyone is. That is part of being a Freemason. You could almost liken a Freemason to being a Jedi, to use an analogy. Focused on gaining knowledge to make yourself better, and then in turn give back to your community and fellow man. This is a view I have always had, even before becoming a Mason. And being able to associate with like minded men, who share similar goals, but being from different faiths, social circles and occupations, gives you a sense of belonging to something bigger than yourself. And knowing that when I go somewhere and meet a fellow Mason, we are Brothers in a fraternity that is focused on making good men better. Not just being a man.. a Mason.

So if you are a fellow Freemason, I hope to meet you on my BBS or maybe on another. If you’re not and curious what it’s all about, reach out. We’re happy to talk about it.

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