Back to The BBS Documentary

The last time we got to see the BBS community as a whole, in all it’s curiosity and diversity of things, was the 2005 BBS: The Documentary, created by Jason Scott, who is one of the chief archivists at the Internet Archive. It covered many aspects and scenes of the community and I have no doubt, that many of use learned something new, that we didn’t know before. Now fast forward to 2020 and 2021, and new documentary is now available for us to see how things have changed in the nearly 16 years since Scott’s series came out. It’s called Back to The BBS, and so far 2 episodes have come out, and I have to say I am enjoying it. Whenever I was feeling nostalgic for the old days, watching BBS: The Documentary gave me a little kick. It also inspired me to get my BBS back up after nearly a 5 years since the last time it was up. But in the end, I put up a whole new BBS, this one. RFGeeks.

Still, this new show is good and it’s showing a younger generation of users, and in the latest episode, it seems social media is the reason for their foray into the BBS world, and I can’t blame them. That is why I am working on bringing back mine and making it someplace I would like to spend online, away from Twitter and Facebook and the like. Still, it’s nice seeing that a newer generation is joining and will hopefully move things forward with this hobby, and creating new aspects as well! Here is episodes 1 and 2 to watch below…

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