A Little More Info On Our Return

So the last post was kind of sparse on information, so I want to share a little of what I had in mind.

Pretty much all the BBSes that are up now, have the same message networks, same doors, and features and that is perfectly fine. What I want to offer is something different. But what? And no, I don’t think it’ll magically bring new callers out of the wood work. But I do want to be unique. And I don’t mean visually, but I will try to make it different in it’s own style. This will be more of a challenge for me to come up with stuff to put on the board, content wise, that will make people think about stopping by once a month or even every week. Maybe even spark some unique conversations. I want people to think every now and again, “Hmm, wonder what RFGeeks has up now?”

I have no illusions this could take a log time for it see callers, and frankly, my goal is not to run a popular BBS, just one I would like to call. While the community is strong and still passionate about Bulletin Boards, I can still get all the latest posts from fsxNet or Fido or any other of a number of FT Networks available, just like on any other BBS. Same with files now being able to be shared from one BBS to the next using FTNs. 

It’s hard for me to really explain what I want to do, as it’s not really a defined thing. More like a feeling. So we’ll see if I can make it happen. If not, at least I’ll have a cool BBS I want to call.

Hardware updates are planned for the near future, around 2-3 months down the road which will hopefully speed things up and give even more options for adding on to the BBS. So check back when you can.

Your SysOp,

MobbyG, KB2MOB

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