Advertise on Craig’s List

What good is a BBS if no one knows it’s around. So I figured it was time to start spreading the word. Aside from using social media, I figured I would use something as popular as Twitter or Facebook, but also has a local appeal. Craig's List Ad 1I started posting ads on the Albany, N.Y. Craig’s List to let folks know about us. I’ve only been doing it for about a month, and haven’t seen much of a response. But in defense, Craig’s List is like a Who’s Who of advertising for websites and every other kind of service or thing you can think of. Almost like those late night infomercials. So it’s going to be a trial and error kind of thing, with getting people’s attention on the site.

So I started out with an ad that offered a place away from the spammers, and phishing scams and the like. Calling it “an oasis” away from the internet. The ad was from the perspective of people who don’t know what a BBS is. They may never have heard of one because they were never very technically oriented back in the 80’s and 90’s. So I posted a couple of pictures with the ad to maybe grab someone’s interest in the thought and have them at least check out the website.

craigslistad2The next try was a more detailed kind of ad. It explained more of what a BBS was and what this one offered. Not only the chat in the message bases, but the fact you could get files, games, podcasts, videos and ebooks, as well as play on our Minecraft server, and it was all free because it is being run as a hobby and to create a community. All the while also posting on Twitter. I haven’t created a Facebook page for this site yet, but I plan on it soon, as well as a Google+ page. The trick being making sure all are kept updated with some kind of content on a regualr basis to keep it looking like someone is actively updating these things and that the BBS is up and running.

To date, I seem to get more response from Twitter then I do from Craig’s List. And Facebook is second. But I’m still going to plug away on it and see if I get any thing else from it. What are other Bulletin Board Sysops trying to get the word out that BBSes are still around and maybe even let past users know that they can still get on. But once they’re there to visit, what then? How do you keep them?

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